Edinburgh Festival Accommodation

Edinburgh Festival Accommodation
With excellent transport links between the two cities, it is easy to stay in Glasgow and enjoy day trips to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh International Festival and other occasions.  And with Edinburgh self- catering flats of a similar size being £1000 - £1800 for a week during the Festival, it makes economic sense as well as allowing the option of trips to the glorious and scenic west of Scotland
There are late buses from Edinburgh City centre to Glasgow City centre at 23.59 at all times and at 01.30 and 03.00 during the Edinburgh Festival.  A standard return between the two cities costs £9.40. Journey times are approx 75 minutes between City Centres.
The last direct train from Edinburgh to Glasgow (taking you directly to Partick Station) leaves at  22.51 ( 22.40 Sundays). A standard off peak return is £13.40 and the journey takes 80 minutes between Glasgow Partick and Edinburgh City Centre.